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What is it really all about? 

Do you think books should have a moral message? Me neither! But they should definitely have an inspiration. Mine was witnessing hundreds of people queueing for the latest electronic gizmo many years ago while living in Japan. I don't remember thinking much about it at the time, but it lodged in the back of my mind: 'New Thing! New Thing! Where's my New Thing?'

How many new things do we need? Endless amounts, according to the people trying to flog us stuff (and I don't include books as stuff, that's for sure!). I didn't really know that I wanted to write about the endless waste and plastic we're drowning in, but that's what happened. I guess I didn't know because I was too busy trying to write an enjoyable and entertaining book.


But there it is - like a splinter I couldn't remove - my inspiration from many years ago! See if you can spot it amongst all the action and comedy . . . 

Olive Pocket

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