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Calling all 8-12 year olds!

You'll laugh, you'll think, you'll be (a bit) scared. Climb aboard with Olive Pocket

for a fantasy adventure you'll never forget! 

fantast magic adventure

What's it all about?

Lily and Tom are on a mission: to save their friends, the electric-haired Fahairies. Together they battle the Ghost Wood, flying sculptures, giant nostrils, and the luxury-mad Shraks, who plan to steal the energy in the Fahairies' hair to power their lavish lifestyles

Will they accomplish their mission before the Fahairies' lives are destroyed forever, or will The Universe itself have to intervene? 

It's time for the adventure beyond adventures to begin!

A super-competitive Shrak, mad for his luxuries! 

10% of profits will go to charities helping our furry, feathered, and buggy friends...

Words of praise from actual children! 

It's hard to put down




Thank you for writing this brilliant book




It's very unique

The plot is fantastic


All comments are from school children aged 8-11 who provided feedback without meeting the author and under condition of brutal honesty.

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