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I live in Gloucestershire, in the beautiful south west of England, with my partner Chris. In my free time I love walking in the countryside and exploring in our campervan. As well as writing for children, and bird-making, I also enjoy teaching jazz and blues piano. In my twenties (a long time ago!), I lived and taught in Japan and Spain, and a few times a year, I still teach English to young students from Japan. Variety and adventure are the spice of life! I hope you enjoy these photos . . .

japanese garden

I love this Japanese garden I saw on my travels. Not very 'Zen' is it?! (They're painted lifebuoys, in case you were wondering . . . )

childhood toy

Green Bear (centre) with friends, Monkey and Blue Bear. Childhood toy to both me and my mum. He's the first thing I'd rescue from a fire! 

vw split screen
gibraltor ape

A few years ago, my partner Chris and I drove our ancient campervan all the way to the south of Spain and back. A proper adventure! 

donkey walking

Donkeys are my favourite animal on the planet. I can't explain why. Maybe it's their ears! 

Skeleton playing piano

My old friend, Arthuritis, inspires my music-making. He practises so hard, he's worked himself to the bone. 

May bug

I'm a big nature fan, and 10% of profits from Where's My New Thing? will go to charities helping wildlife. I'm sure this May bug would approve! 

A bit about me . . . 

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